Remote Learning in Schools: Advice for Principals and Teachers

Your inquiry is on the lips and in the messages of numerous administrators and instructors. Right now as we investigate the incredible obscure of the coming school year. And keeping in mind that there are numerous things that our schools could possibly be doing. That resemble the other the same during the current year. Everybody needs a clear sign for what is normal. Obviously imparting your desires for guidance is a decent spot to begin. Notwithstanding expressing those desires. we should set aside a few minutes. While getting ready for the beginning of school to have conversations on a locale … Read more

Safety of Our Children

When it comes to avoiding injuries without the need to overprotect our children. The National Association for Child Safety teaches us. How to adapt our home to the needs of its growth and as they acquire more autonomy. Between six and ten months of life, a new stage begins in babies that require special attention from the parents. The beginnings of crawling, which represents for them the discovery of ‘a new world’, and entering into new adventures. Requires that we take into account certain measures in our home. That will help them avoid injuries and make excessive worries disappear. One … Read more

Digital Education – The New Revolution and Impacts of Technology

To deny the importance of thinking and discussing Digital Education. Today is almost the same as denying the relevance of technology in our daily lives. That is, there is no way to do this. Today, all young people of school age and most of those who are in university. Grew up in a world in which there was already broadband internet and cell phones. Beginning to become popular and develop. So many routines and behaviors have changed. Since then, but the classroom. In most parts of the country, remains the same as decades ago. The problem is that the education … Read more