Brainstorming – Sharpen Your Thinking Power with Better Ideas

With different procedures, some are more effective than others.

This time we will talk about a very particular tool known as “brainstorming.”

Brainstorming the Correct Way

Brainstorming is a tool applied to teamwork.

The objective of which is to facilitate obtaining original ideas based on a given topic.

By freely exposing the concepts or proposals of each of the members.

Situation to Use Brainstorming

Capture potential opportunities for improvement.

As for how it is used, there are various techniques to brainstorm.

But in general, the result should aim at quantity rather than quality.

That is, it seeks to obtain all possible ideas without higher expectations regarding their effectiveness.

To do this, the topic to be developed must be raised and a limited period of time.

Must be provided so that each team member can write their ideas about the topic.

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Brainstorming Impacts Your Planning

Some of the advantages offered by the application of this tool are:

  • Obtaining a wide range of ideas in less time.
  • The stimulation of the creativity of the members of the work team.
  • The elimination of blocks by the team against certain content.
  • The production of various solutions possible on the same problem.
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Brainstorm Preparation

  1. The first step is to find a time frame so that the team can meet and present their ideas comfortably and without interruption.
  2. The working group can be arranged in a conference room or in the place of your choice.
  3. Where there should be a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates the flow of ideas.
  4. The facilitator introduces the central theme of the session and stipulates a time limit.
  5. For the development of ideas.
  6. You can use a mind map to organize your brainstorming.
  7. After time, each member presents their proposals and the facilitator takes note of each one.
  8. A list with the approved ideas is presented and, in consensus, the most favorable one is chosen.
  9. Then the procedure to be followed to execute the chosen proposal is established.

Rules for Brainstorming

To achieve an effective brainstorming process, the following should be considered:

  • Avoid criticizing or making negative judgments about the ideas of others.
  • This can discourage members and block their creative and expressive capacity.
  • Expressing each and every one of the ideas that cross our mind.
  • No matter if they do not make much sense.
  • Can serve as inspiration for the development of new proposals.
  • Always aim at the quantity, the more ideas are presented.
  • The greater the number of solutions to choose for a certain problem.
  • For this, it is important to encourage the generation of new proposals as the session progresses.
  • Support the proposals and find ways to improve them.
  • It is important to contribute to the refinement of group ideas through interaction and the issuance of suggestions.
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Some Examples of Brainstorming

Want to see more clearly how a brainstorm works?

Well, we suggest you study the following example of a brainstorm extracted from this link.

1. Road transport company

Problem situation: long waiting time for information.

Work Team: Improvement Group “On Wheels” of a road transport company.

The following information could be extracted from the brainstorming carried out:

  • The number of people destined to give information is low.
  • Lots of information that needs to be offered.
  • The type of brochures offered does not meet the required quality.
  • Only one information point.
  • The information is not adapted to the education levels of the public in the area.

2. University Library

Problem situation: There is no relationship between the books that are in the library’s loan catalog and the books that actually exist in the library.

Work Team: Improvement Group of the University Library

The following conclusions were taken from the brainstorming carried out in the team:

  • The book return system is not effective
  • Books not in the correct position in the library
  • There is no adequate book claim system
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Faced with these difficulties, the following solutions were established:

  • Creating a bookshelf dedicated to newly returned books
  • Preparation of a manual where all loans are registered
  • Drafting of an official and automatic model of letter of complaint

Without a doubt, brainstorming is a fairly effective technique.

To enhance the performance of a work team and stimulate their integration.

However, it is important to follow the rules and strategically direct the procedure.

To ensure that the results are really as expected.

And here we have left everything you need to know to achieve that goal.

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